Sunday, June 24, 2007

Smoke and Wind

Nothing like the first big fire of the season to shake me out of my summer reverie. The "Angora" fire is burning fast and furious in South Lake Tahoe. Fueled by dry conditions and fierce winds, this fire is whipping itself into a frenzy. The Carson Valley is clogged with smoke. You could smell it outside as well as notice bits of ash floating around in the air. You can read about it Here.
Here are shots of the sky outside my house.

South Lake Tahoe is over this ridge.

There is a big slice of blue sky and then dark, heavy smoke sitting over my back deck. It doesn't look good for houses and such in the area of the fire. The wind isn't expected to die down for a another few hours. Here is hoping they can get it controlled by this evening. Scary and heartbreaking for those involved in the loss of their homes and for all of South Lake where, I'm sure, fear and concern rule the evening.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard a THING about the Tahoe fire, but just saw a story on CNN that 165(!) homes have already been lost?! And that it's only 5% contained. Scary! Hope they get it under control soon.

We won't be in Tahoe for the 4th after all. J's going to stay and work (at his day job) that week so we can take off on a road trip the week after that. In 12 years, the only vacation he and I have had without family is 3 days of camping. I'd say we're DUE. ;) This has been such a busy and hard year for me at mother arrives today for a two-week visit (spent mostly at my brother's)...and after J was gone for a month, I'm just really craving some getaway time with just the two of us.

Anonymous said...

Those poor people up there. We're crossing our fingers for them.

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