Sunday, January 04, 2009


Before my classes start and after my trip home, in which I logged 1,000 miles on my car, I say:
"Hey Happy 2009 to you all."
I'm starting another online Web development class...we shall see if I can hang with it. Another Djembe class: mid-week, thank you for that new schedule ...and I have an opportunity that could be hecka exciting and a bit scary and if it works, ultimately, incredibly gratifying. I'm at the very beginning stages and keeping it very quiet. More as it develops...
Drove to the Bay Area with Bella, the kitteh, who I now know prefers not to travel by car. She bonded with MMmom and MMniece instantly. The Christmas festivities where lovely and yummy and fun. I tried my hand at both RockBand and Guitar synopsis...not matter how musically inclined you might be...takes practice! Traveled to many theatres around the Bay Area with the Comedy Band of Merrymen...hence the excessive mileage, visited with close friends who I miss daily. Inhaled the scent of rain in SF, browsed Green Apple Books on Clement, had yummy Peruvian food on Fillmore, ate too many cookies, got caught in an awful traffic mess in downtown SF, saw my stylist who cut my hair the way I like, drank lots of Peet's coffee, put Bella back in the car and drove home to Nevada, apologizing to my kitteh the whole way to Placerville, where she finally settled down and slept in my lap. Happy for the visit, Happy to be home, happy for a new year!

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